Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas Full Story and Video

Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas Full Story – Pasión Prohibida (Spanish pronunciation: [paˈsjon pɾoiˈβiða]) is a Spanish-language romantic drama telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Television Studios, Miami. It is a remake of the Turkish telenovela Aşk-ı Memnu by Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. It has been adapted from Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil‘s novel Aşk-ı Memnu, published in 1900, but takes place in the modern-day Miami, instead of the novel’s late 19th-century Istanbul setting. Jencarlos Canela and Mónica Spear starred as the protagonists. Although Telemundo announced a second season, Spear’s 2014 murder brought an end to production.[1

Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas this romantic drama telenovela introduces the beautiful Bianca Santillana, who blames her mother Flavia for the death of her father. He died following a heart attack after catching Flavia cheating and learning she only married him for his money.

Determined to take revenge against her mother at any cost, Bianca seduces Flavia’s love interest Don Ariel Piamonte to stop her getting the money she so desperately sought.

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However, when she meets Don Ariel’s handsome nephew Bruno, Bianca falls madly in love. Can she and Bruno ?nd a way to be together without hurting Don Ariel?

Monica Spears was the leading actress in Forbidden Passions as Bianca Santillana,passsed away before the soap opera was aired on Telemudo. She was Miss Venezuela from 2004-2005.She had acted in seven soap operas including Forbidden Passions which she acted in 2013.

She was born on 1 October 1984 in Venezuela and died January 6,2014 {29years},near Puerero Cabello,Venezuela where she was on vacation with her  ex-husband and their five year old daughter,on a high way in central Carabobo,where she and her exhusband was killed during an attempted robbery and their daughter was shot and wounded in the leg.The police reported that the incident occured around 9 or 10pm.Her ex husband was Irish while Monica Spears’s mother family emigrated from Germany and her father has English ancestry. Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas Full Story

On January 8,2014,seven people were arrested by the police for their alleged involvement in the murder.At the time of the arrest,the Venezuelan authorities also confisticated several items believed to have been owned by Spears and her exhusband Henry Berry.Her daughter is now in the care of her grand parents since her parent’st death.May her soul rest in perfect peace,Amen.More pictures below

.                                                              Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas

Forbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones ProhibidasForbidden Passion Telenovela / Pasiones Prohibidas

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