Innocent Mules / Correo de Inocentes Telenovela

Innocent Mules / Correo de Inocentes Telenovela

Innocent Mules / Correo de inocentes telenovela.  Correo de inocentes / innocent mules is a Colombian television series made by CMO Producciones for RCN Televisión , filmed in film format and starring Margarita Rosa de Francisco , Salvador del Solar and Roberto Urbina , with the special performances of Cristina Campuzano , Laura García and Ricardo Leguízamo and with the antagonistic participation of Héctor Méndez , Juana Arboleda , Cristina Campuzano and Laura García

Innocent Mules / Correo de Inocentes Telenovela (The Plot)

Innocent Mules / Correo de Inocentes Telenovela. Is a series full of suspense, nostalgia, and drama. It narrates the story of Pilar Carrasco, a woman who gets pregnant after having an affair with her boss, Sergio Gaviria. She has a baby as fruit of that affair, Adelaida, who is born suffering from an illness that has her near death. Pilar loves her daughter deeply, and after looking for a solution in all the possible ways to get the money to pay the surgery in order to save her daughter’s life, she decides to be a drug carrier.


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She is captured in mexico, where she must serve a sentence of 8 years, time that keeps her away from her daughter. When she returns to the country, things are not as easy as she thought; her university degree is not valid in Colombia, which forces her to make the homologation of her studies, so she has to look for someone to help her in her professional errands.

That’s how she meets Alex Avendano, a law student that promises to help her, not only to find Adelaida, but also to back her up in her attempt to help drug-hauling mules; an idea that she came up with when she heard many stories about Colombian mules who were victims of drug dealers since they never knew they were carrying drug.

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