Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis 

Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis Eladio Gómez Luna and Arturo Montenegro are two successful businessmen. They have been confronted for years by business and rivalry for the love of Julia. Eladio has apparently everything. He is rich, successful, powerful.

Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis


HE has always loved Julia, his wife since he was young. She on the other hand does not love him. Julia married him shortly after she learnt her fiancé, Arturo Montenegro, had impregnated another woman. Julia thought she would come to love Eladio but was mistaken. Eladio aggressive and domineering attitude made it impossible for him to win her affection. He abused and raped her on their wedding night. Shortly after, David is born prematurely. Eladio believes he is Arturo’s child not his.

Eladio refuses to have a DNA test done. he decides to distance David from their lives. He gives his all attention and confidence to his godson Franco.

Arturo Montenegro has established himself as a successful entrepreneur. He is a father of 4 and a husband of dazzling woman. However the error he committed 25 years ago with Julia continues to torment him. He secretly hasn’t recovered from losing the love of his wife due to his infidelity. Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis

Arturo begins to realize he has been married to Nina a manipulative, ambitious and frivolous woman. He faces a difficult task to redeem himself as a father by correcting Daniella and Erick. The distance between him and his son Miguel; who always reminds him of his infidelity. Regina the other daughter put him to the test and teaches him how to forgive and forget about the war with Eladio. Daniella falls in love with David but breaks up with him with the excuse that she wanted to make fun of her father’s enemy son.

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David travel to Queretaro, where he wins a contest as an architect. Regina also wins a contest as an architect and they are forced to work together. Regina and David fall in love though their love seems impossible.

Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis


Eladio domineering attitude become worst when he realized his wife Julia and rival Arturo have met again. He becomes cruel and ruthless against Arturo and his family. Eladio and Nina becomes accomplice in order to keep their partner by their side but they end up lovers. Arturo and Julia on the other vows to fight for their love and prevents their children from making the same mistake. Passion and Power Telenovela Full Story And Synopsis

The Gómez Luna and Montenegro families engage in aggressive clashes. They struggle with all their might to achieve happiness. Enjoy Passion and Power as the story unfolds.

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