Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story

Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast
Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story. Wildflower is a 2017 Philippine revenge drama television series starring Maja Salvador, together with an ensemble cast.[1][2][3][4] The series premiered on ABS-CBN‘s Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on February 13, 2017 to February 9, 2018, replacing Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 – Mga Kwento ng Dream Team ni Kuya.

Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast
Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

The political thriller series deals with topics such as nepotism, extrajudicial murders, abuse of power, fascist dicatorships, power, terrorism, mafia syndicates, human rights abuses, graft, corruption, totalitarian terror and even mental disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia.

 Plot / Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story

This story follows Lily Cruz (Maja Salvador), a beautiful and smart heiress who wants justice for her parents’ deaths by seeking revenge against the evil Ardiente family, a powerful political dynasty in the fictional province that bears their name.

Lily’s mother, Camia (Sunshine Cruz) is a school teacher and her father Dante (Christian Vazquez) is a public attorney. The Cruz family moves to the thriving and wealthy province of Poblacion Ardiente, where Dante gets an associate position in the Public Attorney’s office. Lily easily finds friends including Diego Torillo (Joseph Marco), the youngest son of the Ardiente family, one of the students who Camia tutors. The Ardiente family is the most powerful political dynasty in the province under the jurisdiction of Congressman Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III) and his daughter Emilia (Aiko Melendez), Governor of the province. Emilia is married to businessman and known serial womanizer, Raul Torillo (Wendell Ramos). They have two sons, Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing) and Diego. Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

Complications follow when Raul is attracted to Camia. With the entitlement of the powerful, Raul assaults Camia prompting Dante to file rape charges against him. Unfortunately, the Ardientes do not take threats lightly. Lily’s world crumbles when Dante suspiciously dies from a heart attack and she witnesses her mother’s rape. Though targeted to be killed herself, the assassins feel compassion for the 9 year old and frees her instead. Lily fends for herself in another city until a wealthy woman, Prianka Aguas (Priscilla Meirelles) rescues her from life in the streets. Prianka legally adopts Lily and raises her to become tough, providing her with the resources to seek justice for her parents. Prianka later died from ovarian cancer and Lily inherits her fortune and returns to Poblacion Ardiente as Ivy Aguas.

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Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast
Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

With a billion dollar conglomerate behind her, Ivy is a magnet for the Ardientes who are preparing their campaign for the gubernatorial and congressional reelections. Ivy is reacquainted with Diego, who turns out to be the bastard son of Raul. Nonetheless, they fall in love and Diego renounces his family.

Ivy painstakingly executes her intricate plan to bring down the Ardientes: First, Ivy seduces their weakest link, Arnaldo. He becomes obsessed with her while she drives him crazy until he finally commits suicide in front of Lily at the resort where the newly married Torillos are honeymooning. Second, she ingratiates herself with Emilia and then exposes her for plunder, stripping her of her position. After several retaliatory attempts by Emilia against Ivy fails,

Emilia is committed to a psychiatric facility; Third, she unseats Julio Ardiente from his reelected Governor seat and weakens his powerhold in the province and then robs him of the only person he loves, his grandson Arnoldo. Ivy steadily chips away at what once was the Ardiente’s impregnable wall to rule with impunity. When Ivy reveals her real identity as Lily Cruz after she cripples the Ardiente’s powerful influence, a new enemy surfaces.

The enemy is Julio’s first wife and Emilia’s mother, Helena Montoya (Zsa Zsa Padilla). Also known in the criminal world as Red Dragon, Helena controls the country’s largest crime syndicate operations. Notwithstanding the sinister résumé, Helena is no match to Ivy’s cunning and superior skills, and after several conflicts, Lily brings Red Dragon’s operations to a halt too.

Taking advantage of Helena’s temporary weakness, the predatory Julio kills her to take over her vast operations under the Asian syndicate’s protection. However, he quickly learns that it is not as easy without the triad’s secret password which Helena leaves with Emilia.

In the aftermath of Arnaldo’s suicide, Lily and Diego try to pick up the pieces of their lives, but Julio and Emilia are enemies not yet ready to give up. Consumed with grief, Julio tries to stir up public outrage towards the Torillos but other than the loyalists. Meanwhile, Emilia rises from her insanity and obtains the support of the Asian syndicate with the password her mother gave her.

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Meanwhile, a group of citizens claiming to be families of victims of the Ardientes locate the biggest and most solid evidence that can finally bring the Ardientes to answer for their crimes. The group approach the Torillos with information about a mass grave the Ardientes began using in the mid-50s when the family first seized power. Unlike the past witnesses who were killed, the mass graves have no living witnesses to silence but hundreds of human remains to explain for.

Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast
Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

The group, along with Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) and Ana (Yen Santos) find the graves and thousands of skeletal remains. Jepoy and Ana contact local media about the mass grave and stirs up the neighbors to do the same. The media frenzy covering the atrocities committed by the Ardientes emboldens whistleblowers and other victims to speak up, including former accomplices and political supporters like Natalie (Roxanne Barcelo), ex bodyguards, former assassins, Judge Lustre.

At the Ardiente’s, Lily is captured by Julio and dragged to the town square to be executed. Julio and Emilia parade Lily through a gauntlet of loyalists hurling insults and abuses at her. Diego saves her just before the loyalist mob attempts to execute her.

Videos of the mass grave is repeatedly shown on national television and goes viral in social media. Public outrage against the brutality of the Ardientes reach beyond the Ardiente’s kingdom and the family loses the support of powerful officials who backed them and allowed them to rule with impunity. A People Power revolution topples the powerful family. With solid evidences and witnesses no longer afraid to speak out, the people of Ardiente file cases of multiple murders, frustrated homicides, Estafa, plunder charges that would send them to prison for a long time, but Julio and Emilia escape capture. Julio vows revenge. Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

While authorities search for them, the city celebrates a new era under the governorship of Diego Torillo. Their joy does not last long when Julio assassinates Diego with a sniper rifle, and escape once again to a Triad safe house. Diego does not survive and the entire province mourn his death. Julio and Emilia learn that the Triad is handing Red Dragon’s operations to Emilia. This does not mean anything to Julio who kills Stefano (Epi Quizon), the Triad’s representative. Emilia finally realizes her father’s direct hand in the murders of her aunt and mother, and that he never respected her as an equal.

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Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

With intel gathered by Arturo, Lily works with the NBI authorities led by Agent Salonga (Michael Flores) and successfully raid the safe house where the Ardientes and the Triad are gathered. As Lily tries to stop Julio from escaping, Emilia comes face to face with her father, shooting him several times until he dies. Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

Diego’s campaign promises: Peace, Hope and Love finally comes to Bagong Ardiente. Emilia’s gunshot wounds severs her spine, paralyzes her and she serves her time in prison. Batch becomes Mayor of Bagong Ardiente and Lily takes over Diego’s post as Governor, moving on to Senator and finally as the leading candidate at the polls for President of the Philippines. Camia and Damian (Christian Vasquez) wed after his release from prison. Lily visits Emilia in prison extending an Olive branch and forgives her.

Elsewhere in hell, Julio Ardiente is being tortured with a blowtorch to his mouth by Dragon Ladies led by Helena’s adopted daughter Venus (Karylle). Wildflower Philippine drama tv series Full Story, Cast

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