Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable: The Full Story

Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable: The Full Story. Wild at Heart (Spanish title: Corazón indomable[1]) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nathalie Lartilleux for Televisa. It is a remake of the 1994 Mexican telenovela Marimar.[2] Ana Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas star as the protagonists,[3] while Elizabeth Álvarez stars as the antagonist,[4] with the special participation of César Évora.[5]

As of January 30 2017, Las Estrellas is broadcasting re-runs of Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable at 12:00pm replacing Mañana es para siempre which ended in January 27, 2017.

– Maricruz Olivares lives with Ramiro, her maternal grandfather, and Solita, who is deaf-mute and whom they found abandoned when she was a little baby. She lives in a shack located in the middle of nature, near the Narvaez´s ranch property line. ??Miguel and Octavio are siblings and they both own the Narvaez´s ranch, which is mortgaged because of the bad administration Miguel, the older brother, has made.

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Octavio is a pilot and arrives in the ranch in need of money since he has lost his job and wants the lands to be sold. He doesn´t imagine that soon he will forget this purpose and will discover that the earth, the sowing and sharing with the workmen become a source of passion for him.

?Octavio meets Maricruz while he is traveling around the lands and catches his foreman mistreating her. Regardless of her humble origins, he defends her as a gentleman. Immediately, he is trapped by her sympathy and beauty. When Octavio discovers the malice with which Lucia, his sister-in-law, treats Maricruz, he gets really angry and decides to marry Maricruz in order to teach his brother and Lucia a lesson.

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However, when he receives a tempting job offer as a pilot, Octavio leaves the ranch and asks his brother to give Maricruz his part of the land. Lucia and Esther set a trap to Maricruz who is accused unjustly of being a thief and ends up in jail. (Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable).

Fortunately, a lawyer believes in her and achieves her freedom; but when she returns, she is shocked to discover that her grandparent died during a fire. ??Maricruz leaves to the capital city and starts working as a maid at Alejandro´s house, who happens to be her father, without any of them knowing about the bond between them.


Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable Ana Brenda Contreras as Maricruz Olivares/María Alejandra Mendoza Olivares

Maricruz gains his trust and love, and he helps her to get educated and become a high society woman. In the meantime she accepts to help him with the administration of the casino in a cruise ship, posted in Isla Dorada.

Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable: The Full Story

Daniel Arenas as Octavio Narváez

There she will have to face Carola´s and Raiza´s ambition, who keep their lives comfortable at Alejandro´s cost. ??Alejandro´s butler discovers Maricruz´s birth certificate where her real name appears: Alejandra Mendoza Olivares.

In order to avoid the big impression that could kill Alejandro, since he suffers from a heart disease, he decides not to reveal him that Maricruz is his daughter, but he does tell Maricruz the truth and she feels very happy with such news.?

Miguel informs his brother that Maricruz disappeared after her grandfather´s death. Octavio arrives in the casino, invited by a friend. Octavio´s good looks catch the interest of sophisticated women and he feels flattered, but he cannot forget Maricruz. Wild at Heart (telenovela) Corazón Indomable.

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He doesn´t imagine that the humble youngster who used to be his wife is no other than the elegant Alejandra Mendoza, the manager and main host of the casino. Octavio makes contact with Alejandra, impressed by the great resemblance she has with his wife; but when he finds out that Maricruz left to the capital city, he feels confused.

He decides to confront Alejandra and wants to “unmask” her but Alejandra “gets angry” when he mentions Maricruz and compares them both.?? Maricruz wants to protect her father and asks him for a power of attorney to fight against Carola, who has been stealing from the casino and is planning to commit a fraud through which she will become the casinos´ major shareholder.

Alejandro refuses because he must protect his daughter. Maricruz must control herself to avoid telling him the truth. ?However soon after that, Alejandro´s health gets worse and Maricruz confesses him she is his daughter; he dies happily and reconciled with her. 

Maricruz fools Octavio and gets him crazy for her, but he confesses that he still thinks of his wife and he regrets having abandoned her. Maricruz makes a big fortune and purchase the Narvaez ranch and makes her wish of humiliating Miguel and Lucia come true.

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