11 Jobs No Dad Wants Their Daughter To Do

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11 Jobs No Dad Wants Their Daughter To Do – The bond between a father and his daughter is one that the whole world appreciates and is probably the strongest in the family. This bond develops to be so strong because, as the little girl grows up, her mother won’t shower her with unnecessary gifts and kisses, but her father will, because fathers just want to make all the women in the house happy.

Therefore, the little girl will always see her father as the ideal man, and the attention she gives her father will make him love her even more. You must have heard that more often than not daughters end up marrying men who are just like their fathers, and this goes to show just how strong the bond is between the two.

The above does not mean that a father does not love his sons or that the mother is incapable of loving her daughters the way her husband can, it just means that there is a special bond between a father and his daughter.

In the father’s eyes, his daughter never grows up; she remains as his little girl, even when she has children of her own. Therefore, fathers will always have a desire for their daughters to live the perfect life, and not get into any kind of trouble.

As a result, a father would never want his daughter to end up in some jobs we have in the world today – jobs that he thinks are dangerous, stressful, or immoral, or even jobs in which many people will end up hating her. Below are 10 of the worst careers a dad would imagine his daughter getting into; is there another job you think deserves to be on this list?

10. Prison Warden/Guard

So you hate your job, right? You should seriously consider changing your attitude towards it because it is not half as tough as what a prison guard goes through. No man would want his daughter to wake up every day to go to work in a prison or even spend some nights there because her shifts dictate it.

In a prison, anything can happen. When the inmates decide to break out, to fight the guards, or even to fight each other, the lives of the guards are always at risk. No father wants to go through the horror of thinking the things that could happen to his baby girl in a prison, he would rather work there on her behalf.

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9. Police Officer

Hardly ever do we give enough credit to the work that the men and women in blue do to keep our streets safe, to keep peace in the country, to maintain law and order, and to lock up those who think they can break the law and get away with it. A police officer’s job is noble, but it is one of the most dangerous jobs out there.

No man wants his baby girl to become a police officer, because he knows that criminals will always look for every opportunity to insult, fight, shoot at, and try to mess up her life just because she is an officer. Every day an officer steps out of the station, his or her life is in danger – not to mention the fact that he or she will be driving or running as fast as they can to where there is trouble. No daddy wants that.

8. Miner

First, I want to appreciate every woman out there who risks her life every day to go to dangerous depths below the surface of the earth in order to provide for her family. Mining is one of those professions that were made for men because the working conditions are extremely tough, the chances of getting trapped under the earth are so high, and the dirt that a miner has to deal with is not something a woman should have to go through.

Therefore, no father wants his daughter to ever think of becoming a miner, because the mines might just take his daughter away from him, and no father is ever ready for that.

7. Cleaner/Janitor

When children are talking about their dreams for the future, hardly will you come across one who looks forward to becoming a cleaner or a janitor. Cleaners are some of the most important people in the workplace owing to the work that they do, although they are always invisible. People hardly show cleaners or janitors the respect that they deserve, yet we cannot live without them.

Cleaners and janitors do not belong to the class that most people want to belong to, meaning that their pay is not all that attractive. No father wants his baby girl ending up in a job that hardly anyone appreciates her doing, a job where even children disrespect her, a job that has terrible pay, or a job so hard that she has no peace.

6. Truck Driver

Take a few seconds and think about a truck driver… did you just think of a bearded man wearing a checked shirt? Okay, at least you thought about a man, right? Some professions were just not meant for women, and truck driving is one of them.

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Truck drivers are thought of to spend most of their days on the road, sleeping very few hours in motels, eating junk food, and encountering all kinds of dangers on the road. No father wants his baby girl to have to live the life that we tend to think truck drivers live because it sounds unstable, stressful, and she will hardly ever get the opportunity to meet a decent man to marry her.

5. Bartender

The work of a bartender in most cases involves distributing drinks to the people in the bar and collecting money thereafter – a concept that is straightforward, just like in most businesses. However, the environment in which this business takes place is what makes it a problem for ladies. When people start to drink and others get drunk, they often become rude, others start fighting, and a good number start hitting on whoever else is in the room.

No man wants his baby girl to work in such an environment because she deserves better. Alcohol makes people lose their self-control, which is why it is not right to drive a vehicle while drunk; therefore, why would a father be comfortable with his baby girl spending all her time around men who do not have complete control of their actions?

4. Repo Woman

You might be familiar with Repo Men and you probably hate people in this business wholeheartedly. Do not be surprised to learn that there are women in this profession as well – and the women are just as passionate about their job as their male counterparts are. Why people hate people in the repo business is because they come and take away your things when you don’t have any money, and they are never willing to negotiate with you.

As much as it is your fault to have a repo company after you, there is no way you would have any love for such people. Therefore, since a man knows how much he hates people in the repo business, there is absolutely no way he would want his baby girl to be involved in it.

3. Politician

Let’s face it; everybody hates politicians, although not all politicians are bad. The only time that we do not hate politicians is when they actually do something good for the people (which isn’t very often) or when they are paying us back for something we did for them. Generally, everyone thinks that politicians are lying, power hungry, and money loving individuals, who we have to elect every few years just because our society dictates it.

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Politicians have let us down so many times, so much so that most people vote for the person they hate the least or the person who is likely to do the least damage. No man wants his baby girl to be a politician because politics is a dirty game and those who play it end up with a lot of dirt on them.

2. Exotic Dancer

Exotic dancers are more commonly known as “strippers”, and this is one of the weirdest lines of work to be in. The fact that only adults are allowed to visit strip clubs and watch movies with nudity says a lot about this profession. Exotic dancers are always perceived to be morally loose, a perception that might not necessarily be true. Therefore, even if a particular man loves visiting strip clubs and paying women to get naked, he would never want his daughter to become a stripper.

As hypocritical as it is, it is simply a fact. No daddy wants his baby girl to go out dancing naked in a club full of strange men, regardless of how strict the rules of the club are concerning touching the dancers. This is a definite NO.

1. Commercial Sex Worker

Commercial sex work has been part of the human society for a very long time, as even the Bible recognizes its existence in some of its earliest written books. A commercial sex worker (prostitute) sleeps with a person, who in most cases is a stranger, in order to make money; a profession that is still illegal in most countries around the world. Therefore, when you think about what this profession entails, you can imagine how a father would feel about his daughter wanting to become a prostitute.

Although there are some men who have no problem sleeping with prostitutes, no man – even those who do so – would ever want or even care to imagine his baby girl in this profession.

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Written by Aba Forson

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