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The 31 Best Pairs of Beautiful Celebrity Boobs

sofia vergara oscar party
sofia vergara oscar party

The 31 Best Pairs of Beautiful Celebrity Boobs – Celebrities With Big Beautiful Boobs In Hollywood. When it comes to celebrity boobs, we’re not afraid to say that we’re obsessed. Thankfully, there are enough celebs out there who aren’t afraid to share their gifts with the world.


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From the visibly enhanced to the au naturale, these are 30 pairs of the best boobs out there.

1. Kim Kardashian

We’ve seen Kardashian’s boobs so many times, we barely flinch anymore—but we still love ’em.

2. Christina Hendricks

It’s hard not to envy the “Man Men” star’s ample assets.

3. Gigi Hadid

The model’s boobs seem as natural as her beauty.

4. Sofia Vergara

Vergara loves showing her boobs almost as much as she loves talking about them.

5. Charlotte McKinney

She might have only had 15 minutes of fame, but her boobs live on.

6. Nicki Minaj

Shows her boobs almost as often as she releases new songs.

7. Emily Ratajkowski

 There’s a reason why folks are still Googling Blurred Lines: Uncut.”

8. Rihanna

 Doesn’t even need a bra. Or a dress lining.

9. Selena Gomez

Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber.

10. Katy Perry

 Green dress, good boobs.

11. Kate Upton

Curves for days.

12. Beyoncé

Queen … boob?

13. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Even her side-boob is chic.

14. Jourdan Dunn

Who says supermodels have no boobs?

15. Kylie Jenner

They may not be natural, but they’re all over social media.
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16. Lady Gaga

She doesn’t show ’em off enough!

17. Salma Hayek

Defying gravity.

18. Kendall Jenner

Not as brazen as her sisters when it comes to showing off her assets, but great boobs nonetheless.

19. Rita Ora

Well, hello there.

20. Christina Milian

Turned up.

21. Cara Delevingne


She doesn’t flaunt them nearly enough.

22. Demi Lovato

We know why there are so many Lovatics.

23. Mariah Carey


The OG boob-shower.

24. Victoria Beckham

She’s gone smaller over the years, but she still has it going on.

25. Chrissy Teigen

John Legend is one lucky guy.

26. Georgia Kousoulou

It’s not hard to understand why this reality star is big in Britain.

27. Amber Rose

Not ashamed to show those boobs.

28. Jennifer Metcalfe

Another winning Brit.

29. Ellie Goulding


The singer showed off new hair—and serious cleavage.

30. Draya Michele

This Basketball Wives star knows how to make an entrance.]]>

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